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Richard Russo, "The Whore�s Child"

Started November 21 � Finished November 28, 2007, 225 pages. Posted 06 October 2008

This news is coming very late and probably comes far past the point of timeliness or relevancy for the majority of readers, but my friend Craig Billmeier, AKA Hot Lixx Hulahan (semi)recently won the international air guitar championship title in Finland.

Yes, I have cool friends.

OK, that statement is debatable. But how many of you are able to say you are friends with the world Air Guitar Champion?

Wait, don�t answer that. Most of my friends are also friends with Craig. Craig�s a friendly guy.

But the book is called The Whore�s Child, and since I occasionally try to tie the book into my own life, there�s no reason why I shouldn�t be a whore. Before Craig decided to get serious about music and the rock and roll lifestyle by not actually playing an instrument, he played in a plethora of some of the best bands around the Bay Area. And by �best� I mean, the most fun. Songs like �Greg, Ex-masturbator� might not have been destined to break into the pop charts, but they sure were fun to see live and sing along with.

But before he appeared in publications like the SF Chronicle and Time, he took a trip to Antarctica, and wrote about it. Problem is, he didn�t write enough, and so he approached me about turning some e-mail journal I did in 2001 into a split book that�s advertised on the left side of this blog. The way that the media has covered the event, and considering he has (presumably) sold all of his copies, this book may now be considered a collectors item, if only because collectors have some pretty obscure, stupid things. Like this book.

But copies aren�t impossible to find. In fact, I have at least three boxes left. You should place your order now.

In other news, I have things to say, but I find myself unwilling to say them in a public forum. The next entry will be available to those people whom I know and trust, and ask me for the password. Otherwise it shall be locked away from general Google-fueled prying eyes. I don�t know when I�ll find the time to write it, but if you are suddenly asked for a password, e-mail me at deancarrico with the stardard e-mail address that�s run through gmail.

That, in case you hadn�t figured it out, means it�s juicy. But again, we�ll have to wait and see when I have the time and energy to actually write it.

Rating: Worth used.

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